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I took my Aunt Millie some of the Carne Guisada, rice and beans that I made using the blend I named after my grandmother, Ama... she sends me this text. It made my day...I hope Ama is proud. Thank you, Aunt Millie!

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Another happy customer all the way from Louisville, Kentucky! 

Thanks for the picture! Nice cap, too!!



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In Harlingen, Texas, Michelle using her great-grandma’s seasoning. Thank you Cousin!

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Recipe Ama

Recipe Provided by Faye Murray

Quick and easy Spanish goulash using El Arroz de y Caldo De Ama seasoning.


It’s just a mix-mash of easy ingredients and honestly could add anything to your taste:

1 pound Ground beef

12-16 oz Zuchinni & squash - either fresh or frozen

6-12 oz frozen corn

6-12 oz cauliflower rice

12 oz white or brown rice (cooked)

Note: I have also made this with potatoes instead of rice and taste just as good

1 bag frozen onion/green pepper/carrots (or fresh)

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

32 oz beef broth

2-4T El Arroz Seasoning

1-2T taco seasoning

Cilantro to taste


Cook beef, then add everything in the pot and simmer until it’s rich and creamy.    

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Courtesy of Bridgette Stanart         

Dinner Time! El Arroz y Caldo cauliflower rice, Taco Loco Gringo Style taco meat stuffed Bell Peppers!    


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