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Primo/a = cousin
Hermano/a = brother/sister
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I have been cooking BBQ for over 32 years having learned from my Dad, Jesse, and my Uncle Frank Hernandez. Watching them grill and BBQ all during my childhood helped me to understand what it meant to put your own influence and flair in your food. I also learned that if you prepare your food with love, everyone will enjoy it and that is what keeps me cooking and experimenting.  
Imagine a simpler time. Back when we used to be able to go outside in the summertime and play all day with our friends and without any electronics. That’s how I remember growing up and how/when my BBQ journey began.
Being Hispanic, the family was always first priority at all times. We gathered together as much and as often as we could to visit and share life.  Most oftentimes it involved a BBQ pit,  my Dad-Jesse,  and my Uncle Frank Hernandez controlling what went on the pit. Down to the details of how it was seasoned and when we ate. This was a weekend family ritual or tradition if you will. They always had their favorite beverage in hand (back then it was Coors) and I truly think that was part of how they created such great tasting food! There would usually be a number of extra friends and family that would stop by who always got fed as well. Funny thing is, we never ever ran out of food.
At the time, I did not think about it, but as we continued to grow and go through life with those traditions, it instilled in us the importance of family. A family that shared everything not only within our own family, but also extended family and friends that were treated as family. They also taught us that food was an integral part of our family,  Hence,  BBQ became an important part of my life and I am thankful for all I learned from my dad and uncle.
You see, having the background and upbringing that I did taught me one thing in particular – “BBQ Means Family” – “Porque Barbacoa Significa Familia”.
I long for those simpler days and reminisce about them often, with a smile on my face… and then I keep on with my BBQ – creating new memories with family and friends.
I hope you can create fun memories with those that you love as well. Don’t forget your favorite beverage and yes, some of our seasonings! After all, that’s what makes it taste so good!!
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Los Primanos AMA
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On Right: Ama -who inspired our
De Ama Seasoning.
Jesse & Frank 
Jesse & Frank 
Family Los Primanos.webp
Aunt Frances, Aunt Andrea & Jim's Dad Jesse
Family Los Primanos.webp
Tita, Mike & Jim
Jim Ensinia & Dad Los Primanos.png
Jim & Dad
Los Primanos Family.png
Jim & Dad
Jim Mike Uncle Frank Los Primanos.png
Jim, Uncle Frank & Mike
Texas Country Reporter Festival Los Primanos.png
Mrs. Los Primanos  Tina, Clint & Jim
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